Unbleached Bamboo Butt Paper

Saving the planet. And your bum.

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Unbleached Bamboo Butt Paper

Saving the planet. And your bum.

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Australia's Number #1 Bamboo Toilet Paper

Female-Led Startup | Sustainability Focused | Australian Owned

The sustainable alternative.

Here at Bambu, we believe our products should be two things: great for you, and great for the planet. Our toilet paper is crafted using nothing but 100% bamboo, which means we can save millions of trees from being cut down and thousands of habitats from being lost.

We get it - wiping your butt probably isn't the most exciting part of your daily routine - but by simply switching up your TP, you can have a huge impact on deforestation, habitat loss and plastic waste being dumped in our landfills!

We are proudly Australian owned and work closely with our manufacturers to ensure our products are ethically produced, luxuriously soft and won't break the bank (because who wants to be paying out their a** for toilet paper?!)

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The Why

Why bamboo?

  1. Bamboo is actually a grass, not a tree! It can grow up to 1 metre in 24 hours.

  2. Zero chemicals or bleach in any of our products, guaranteed (nobody wants to be putting bleach 'down there', trust us).

  3. Stronger than steel - literally - yet still luxuriously soft. So you don't have to worry about any fingers accidentally popping through while you, er, clean up.

  4. Reduces CO2 emissions, giving you a breath of fresh air. Bamboo is literally a super-plant.

  5. 360 triple-ply sheets per roll. Our rolls are tightly compacted, so you'll be surprised how long a whole box lasts!

  6. It looks 10x better than the cheap supermarket stuff, trust us. You'll actually want these on display.

It's a great alternative to traditional products that often contribute to deforestation and plastic production.

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Fall in love with Bambu.

We want to end plastic waste, keep trees where they belong and do good things for the planet (and your butt).


We love our furry friends. Our products are never tested on animals, ever!

Zero Nasties

We love our bamboo just as it is - no need for bleaches or other chemicals.

Carbon-Neutral Delivery

Order all of our goodies from the comfort of your couch, guilt-free!

Reviews from people like you

Find out why other mindful Aussies are choosing Bambu:

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I'm all about supporting small Aussie businesses, and the fact that Bambu is female-owned is even better!


The toilet paper is thick and super soft and most of all it doesn’t tear 😆 Will definitely be ordering more 😍


Couldn’t believe how soft this toilet paper was when I received my box! Great stuff.


Your period underwear is perfect for my 12 year old daughter. She wore them all day at school and had no leaks.


If you are looking for an eco friendly product these bamboo undies are the way to go!


Australian owned business, amazing quality products, no chemicals and bleaches, so many things to love about Bambu!


Really nice quality and pretty design on the toilet paper as well. Special treat for my bottom.


Love the ethos of this company AND their products... packaging & delivery is on point 👌