Luxury 100% Bamboo Toilet Paper - 24 Rolls

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It’s like wiping with silk. You thought we were gonna say cloud, right? Nah. Clouds aren’t really luxurious, are they? And we don’t do cliché.

Silk is luxurious. It’s smooth. It caresses your skin like a cool autumn breeze.

Bambu 100% bamboo toilet paper will have you wiping with ease and in luxury.

  • The only Aussie brand with NO bleach
  • Beautifully soft, 100% bamboo tissue
  • Zero plastic packaging


As Seen In

The truth about toilet paper.

(and why we’re all for bamboo)

Habitat loss

Traditional toilet paper wipes out about 27,000 trees a day world-wide. That’s 15 million trees down the toilet a year and millions of habitats destroyed.


Toilet paper accounts for 15% of the Earth’s deforestation.

Water consumption

It takes between 45 and 140 litres of water to produce ONE roll of traditional toilet paper. It takes 30% less water to make one roll of bamboo toilet paper.

The Why

Why do we plant trees?

  1. Traditional toilet paper wipes out millions of trees every year, and we're determined to change that.

In 2020, Australia experienced devastating bushfires that impacted millions of animals and destroyed their homes. For every order, we plant a native tree in bushfire-affected regions of NSW to restore those habitats and give back to the Earth.

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Zero plastic

We've considered every aspect of our packaging to make sure it's as sustainable as possible:

Cardboard cartons
Recycled paper shipping labels
Compostable wrappers
Paper tape
ZERO plastic!

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